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Thanks for sending your CD. Great music, great lyrics! We'll play it on Homemade Gospel Radio. Go to www.gospelgrass to connect. Blessings. - Suzie Solomon, GospelGrass Productions, Denver, CO

Here at Sunlite Radio and Windy City Radio (our live 365 station) we are always glad to feature independent artists such as Black Creek. Their songs are exceptional in quality and anointed by the Holy Spirit.  We were very glad to receive the CD and to feature them on our Bluegrass Gospel Channel on Sunlite Radio. We will continue to feature Black Creek on a regular basis on our stations. - Allan Winters, Sunlite Broadcasting, Chicago, IL

I like BLACK CREEK because they sing about Jesus. I like #12 (on the CD). - Joey Snow, 4 years old, Benson Grove Baptist Church, Benson, NC

Your presence among us was certainly a blessing. Both your testimony and your music were very good and well received by our senior citizens. I do hope to schedule you next year to be with us here at Shenandoah. In the meantime, may God bless you as you labor for Him and bring honor to His name. - Glenn Hill, Pastor, Shenandoah Baptist Church, Rocky Mount, NC

We thank Black Creek for coming today. What a blessing you are. We enjoyed the music, but we thank you most for the "right" message. It is good to fellowship with those of like precious faith. I look forward to seeing you guys again real soon. We will be praying for you. God Bless in all. In Christ - Ruffin Hill, Pastor, 1 John 1:5, Gospel Light Baptist Church, Comfort, NC

Thank you so much for playing a part in our theatre production. You are a blessing. - Naomi Smith, N & N Production Company, Goldsboro, NC

Ya'll are a blessing! There are so many singing groups that end up putting on a show, even though they proclaim Jesus Christ in their songs. There are so many groups that have their "programs" set in stone when they sing and there is no room for the Holy Spirit to work and have His way. All too often, songs contain a "watered down" gospel, but you are not like that at all. Every song you sing has a message, and every time we've heard you, we can see that you all practice what you preach through testimony and song. Don't ever stop singing, "It Is Well With My Soul," because that's the real question everyone must answer. God Bless you all.- Todd and Holly Lewis, Liberty Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC

I wanted to say you've made a difference for God's Kingdom. I met a gentleman from Coats, NC who had heard you and said you were awesome. I enjoyed it when I heard ya'll at Mike Courtney's Church some months back. Thank you for being servant leaders. In Christ. - Anthony Barbour, Fayetteville, NC

Thank you for sharing the gifts God has given you in such a loving and humble way. Thank you for sharing the Gospel by putting our Lord and Savior above all things. We love you guys and we pray that God will continue to open doors for you, so that He may be exalted through your music and testimony. We pray that others may come to know Him through the seeds you sow. We will see you soon. - Judy, and Jonathan Patton, Knightdale, NC

It's hard to believe you can get so much sound out of just three musicians. Craig and Scott are as fast and articulate as any pickers who come through here, and Tracie has one of the prettiest, purest voices I've ever heard. ~ Alex Albright, R.A. Fountain General Store, Fountain, NC

Thank you so much for the edifying and exhorting we all received at your concert at Wakeminster. We were all blessed. You all touched hearts through the Holy Spirit that haven't been prodded in a long time. Thank you again for coming to enlighten us. Blessings. ~ Becky Shue, Wakeminster Baptist Church, Durham, NC

I really enjoyed your part in the sing last night. I was really taken with the effect you had on the crowd with your live performance and not just "canned" music. You have put a new spin on my wanting to start a local nursing home ministry. I really feel it could touch the right person. Thanks again for talking with me and I hope to see you guys again soon. ~ Richard Thompson, Erwin, NC

Your message made a lasting impression on my son. He remarked to me, "Mom, I like the way the young guy talked to people instead of trying to push it on you." I am planning to invite some of his friends that do not know our Lord as their Savior. And since my son enjoyed your group so much, I thought a seed might have been planted that day. ~  LaRue White, Erwin, NC

Thanks to all of you for coming to our church and sharing with us the gift of your music. Your talent is a blessing from God. It has been our pleasure to have you here again to worship God in songs of praise. May God be with all of you as you continue with your ministry in music. -Sandra Graham, Music Director, Morningside Presbyterian Church, Sanford, NC

I have been listening to the CD, and have three cuts playing on my station now, and plan to add more as I revamp my playlist. It is really great music. I have gotten great reviews so far. May God bless you and anoint the ministry. Keep up the good work and hope to hear more new music from BLACK CREEK soon. ~ Russell Edwards, Bayou Gospel Radio, LA

Just wanted to say hello. We love you guys and always pray for you. Thank you for serving the Lord in spirit and in truth. God bless you. ~ Gary and Tammy Snow, Benson Grove Baptist Church, Benson, NC

I love God and I love your song. ~ Jessica Ayscue (6 years old), Castalia Baptist Church, Castalia, NC

I wish you all the best in the success of this CD and keep me in mind for future releases as you will always have a place for your music on the RadioGator. ~ Bill Elliott, RadioGator, Williston, FL

I want to thank you all so much for the support you have given to this ministry. Your prayers, I know, have seen us through lean times, and your financial support has kept us on the air. We hear from people everywhere we go about how they look forward to hearing the broadcast every Sunday. We will know the full impact it has had in eternity. Thank you again for making the 7th year of broadcasting possible. Pray for us as we do for you. ~ Linwood Johnson, Starting Point Jesus, Four Oaks, NC

Your CD is an example of beautiful bluegrass gospel music at its best. The music is great, and it does what gospel music should do. It adds to the songs, and doesn't overpower them. The lyrics present the Gospel of Jesus Christ truthfully, and the vocals are extremely good. This combination makes for a wonderful listening experience. I have added all of the cuts from teh CD to the library at OldTimeChristianRadio, and I'm looking forward to playing them in the months ahead. If you like good gospel music, I'd highly recommend "Highway to Heaven" by BLACK CREEK. - Barry Flynt, Owner/Program Director, Old Time Christian Radio, Walkertown, NC

Hey guys! We enjoyed so much singing with you all. Some of the best bluegrass we've ever heard is produced by you. What a wonderful message you present to everyone. Thanks for being our friends and giving it all for the Lord. We love you guys. ~ The Dennis Family, Dunn, NC

Your music is special. Not all gospel music is the same. You can tell there's a difference with your music. I can't wait to get the CD. ~ Gina R. Latrobe, PA

I enjoyed sewing the tablecloth and runner for BLACK CREEK. I have played your CD and enjoyed it very much. I can't decide which song is my favorite. I was also extremely impressed with your website. Your group has accomplished a great deal and I will pray for your continued success. The Lord has truly blessed you as He has us all. ~ Barbara Rhodes, Four Oaks Methodist Church, Four Oaks, NC

I have seen your group twice at Chocowinity. I am impressed with what I saw. May the Lord bless the ministry. ~ Keith Aycock, WAGO - GoMixRadio, Goldsboro, NC

BLACK CREEK is one of my favorite groups. Each one of them are on fire for the Lord. ~  Joan Buffkin, Friendly Chapel Freewill Baptist Penecostal Church, Benson, NC

I'd rate them an "11!" In the next five years, they could be one of the top groups in bluegrass... ~ Carl Lamm, WMPM Radio, Smithfield, NC

It was good to see and talk to you Saturday night. I visited the website and I am very impressed. Good job! I am glad you enjoy what you do, and I believe you are sincere about spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Please pray for our family and God bless you. I look forward to seeing you again soon. ~  Jamie Ferrell, Buies Creek, NC

I listened to the music on your website and was blessed. I can feel the anointing of your music and I am honored to play it on our station. I just wanted to say that I enjoy your type of music and the anointing that is on your group. I am playing it on my station and getting some good reports. Keep up the good work and may God bless and use you greatly. ~ Roy Tubbs, Truelight Broadcasting, Parrish, AL

You are one of our most popular attractions. Your shows here usually draw a near-capacity crowd. You have beautiful voices and great picking, and altogether you sound like a much larger group. Your shows usually mix in a little bit of old-fashioned revivalism with your outstanding music. ~ Alex Albright, R.A. Fountain General Store, Fountain, NC

Your songs on the website are great. Have a blessed day! - Kenny Skipper, Raleigh, NC

What an outstanding job on the CD. I am so proud of each of you for the great job you have done. God has blessed you all with such wonderful talent. I have played the CD so much, every song is embedded in my heat. You have portrayed such a beautiful message with your love for the Lord, and your dedication to serve Him. Congratulations and I pray that each of you are able to continue your great work. ~ Jennifer Gaddis, Smithfield, NC

What a refreshing sound. I love the harmony and song choices on the CD. This is great music for anyone who loves gospel or bluegrass music. Your music will touch people in ways you will never know. Truly, there will be an extra star in your crowns. Keep up the Lord's work, and let Him work through your music. When is the next CD coming out? ~ Troy Fair, Banner's Chapel Advent Christian Church, Benson, NC

I am so proud of this CD! You guys are terrific! ~ Miriam Mitchell, Smithfield, NC

What a privilege and honor to share the opening of the new Selma Gospel Center with you on Saturday. It is a tremendous blessing to hear such talent! Your vocals blend so superbly - you guys rocked! We thoroughly enjoyed the way you presented the Gospel message. We will keep you in our prayers that God will continue to bless the ministry. We look forward to seeing you again. ~ Stephen and Diann King, Calvary's Bridge, Creedmoor, NC

Thank you so much for the CD; I have nearly worn it out already! God bless you! ~ Dennis Crawford, Broadway, NC

Congratulations on your new CD. Hope all is going well for you all and that God will continue to bless you in yoru music ministry. Love in Christ. ~ L.J. and Jetty Burgess, JUST US, Chatham, VA

It was great to find your website and add your music to my radio station. I enjoyed listening to it, and I'm sure the listeners will too. May the Lord continue to bless you in the ministry. ~ Barry Flynt, Old Time Christian Radio, Walkertown, NC

Thank you for your kinds worlds and gifts to the Highway Shepherd. Because of friends like you, God has allowed us to give away thousands of tapes and CDs in all 50 stations and five foreign countries. thank you for your prayerful support. ~ Dr. Billy Cashwell, The Highway Shepherd, Benson, NC

I thought the sing went well, and I thank you all for coming. I hope to see you again in the future. May God bless your Christian work. - Louise Painter, Painter Farm Festival Director, Roxboro, NC

I could listen to you sing all day! You were awesome! It was great! - Wanda Fortune, Freedom Chapel, Benson, NC

I would like to thank you for your hard work for Jesus. Thank you for helping us with the concert. I hope God puts us together more often. Hope to see you soon. Thanks again. - Mitchell Dixon, ARISE, Garner, NC